Story of O by Pauline Réage『O嬢の物語』




Sir Stephen

Sir Stephen stirred the fire, Rene suddenly went behind the sofa and, seizing O by the throat and the hair, pulled her head down against the back of the couch and kissed her on the mouth, a kiss so prolonged and profound that she gasped for breath and could feel her loins melting and burning. He let her go only long enough to tell her that he loved her, and then immediately took her again. O's hands, overturned in a gesture of utter abandon and defeat, her palms upward, lay quietly on her black dress that spread like a corolla around her. Sir Stephen had come nearer, and when at last Rene let her go and she opened her eyes, it was the gray, unflinching gaze of the Englishman which she encountered. let her go and she opened her eyes it was the gray, unflinching gaze of the Englishman which she encountered.

Completely stunned and bewildered, as she still was, and gasping with joy, she none the less was easily able to see that he was admiring her, and that he desired her. Who could have resisted her moist, half-open mouth, with its full lips, the white stalk of her arching neck against the black collar of her page-boy jacket, her eyes large and clear, which refused to be evasive? But the only gesture Sir Stephen allowed himself was to run his finger softly over her eyebrows, then over her lips. Then he sat down facing her on the opposite side of the fireplace, and when Rene had also sat down in an armchair, he began to speak. (~P69 - P70)


Sir Stephen's quiet, self'- assured voice rose in an absolute silence. Even the flames in the fireplace flickered noiselessly. O was frozen to the sofa like a butterfly impaled upon a pin, a long pin composed of words and looks which pierced the middle of her body and pressed her naked, attentive loins against the warm silk. She was no longer mistress of her breasts, her hands, the nape of her neck.


But of this much she was sure : the object of the habits and rites of which he had spoken were patently going to be the possession of (among other parts of her body) her long thighs concealed beneath the black skirt, her already opened thighs.


Both men were sitting across from her. Rene was smoking, but before he had lighted his cigarette he had lighted one of those black-hooded lamps which consumes the smoke, and the air, already purified by the wood fire, smelled of the cool odors of the night.

“Will you give me an answer, or would you like to know more?" Sir Stephen repeated.
“lf you give your consent," Rene said, “I'll personally explain to you Sir Stephen's preferences."


“Demands,"Sir Stephen corrected.


英文:Story of O by Pauline Réage(P69~P72)
日本語:O嬢の物語 渋澤龍彦訳(河出文庫(P109~110)



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