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"What More Can I Give"
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"What More Can I Give" was scheduled for release as a charity single, in the hope that $50 million would be raised to aid the survivors and the families of victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The plan, however, never came to fruition and the reasons why have varied between sources and the individuals involved.

"What More Can I Give"は、米国同時多発テロの犠牲者と生存者、家族を支援するためのチャリティーシングルとして、5000万ドルを集める目的で企画されましたが、プランは実を結びませんでした。その理由は、メディアと個人の間で異なります。

One newspaper stated that the release of the song was abandoned after it emerged that the executive producer had directed pornographic movies. The producer, Marc Schaffel, denied that he was to blame, and offered the opinion that the song was not released as part of a marketing ploy by Sony Music.

ある新聞は、製作責任者がポルノ映画を監督したことが発覚したので、歌のリリースが見送られたと述べました。プロデューサー(Schaffel)は、それを否定し、ビジネスの策略の一部として、S××× Musicによってリリースされなかったという意見を提供しました。

"What More Can I Give" was played on the radio for the first time in late 2002. The debut airing was made without permission by radio station WKTU-FM in New York. The following year, on October 27, 2003, "What More Can I Give" was made available to the public by way of digital download. Proceeds from the sale of the song went to children's charities.

"What More Can I Give"は、2002年後半に、初めてラジオでプレーされましたが、そのデビュー放送は、ニューヨークの放送局WKTU-FMによって許可なしで作られました。
翌年、2003年10月27日に、"What More Can I Give" は、デジタルダウンロードを通して、公衆に利用可能になり、歌の売り上げは、子供のチャリティーに行きました。

Planned release as a physical single

After the song failed to gain an official release, differing allegations arose as to who was to blame. The Los Angeles Times reported that the "What More Can I Give" project was abandoned after it emerged that the song's executive producer, Marc Schaffel, had directed and produced gay pornography.

曲が公式リリース出来なかった後に、だれが悪かったかに関して、異なった主張が起こりました。ロサンゼルスタイムズは、製作責任者(Schaffel)が、ゲイのポルノを監督・製作したのが発覚後に、"What More Can I Give" のプロジェクトが破棄されたと報道しました。

News of Schaffel's background supposedly became known to an entertainment television show, whose staff threatened to expose the producer's past in porn. Jackson's legal and management team subsequently sought to end the musician's business relationship with Schaffel, declaring their intentions in a letter sent to the producer's lawyers in November 2001.[24]


Schaffel disputed that he was the cause of "What More Can I Give" remaining unreleased, and insisted that he was not terminated from the project.

Schaffelは、"What More Can I Give" が未発表であり、プロジェクトを終えられないと主張しました。

The producer declared that it was not possible because his company owned the rights to "What More Can I Give".

Schaffelは、彼の会社が"What More Can I Give" への権利を所有しているので、それは可能でないと宣言しました。

(Jackson's camp rejected the claims that Schaffel owned the rights, but did admit that the producer was in possession of the master tapes as well as video footage of all of the "What More Can I Give" recording artists in the studio.)

マイケル陣営は、Schaffelの権利に関して、recording artists(マイケル他?)が、スタジオで録音された、すべてのビデオフィルムと、マスターテープの所持を認めたという意見を拒絶しました。

Schaffel further announced that the failed release of the song was the fault of Jackson's music label, Sony Music. He insisted that the company had delayed the release of the song so that it would not compete with the newly released Invincible album and that they had promoted the porn-based story in order to hide that fact.


Schaffel further stated that he had never hid his past from Jackson or Sony.


Jackson also blamed Sony for the failed release of "What More Can I Give". In addition, the African American singer claimed that they had failed to promote his Invincible album and that the company's chief, Tommy Mottola, was racist and "very, very, very devilish". S××× representatives dismissed Jackson's claims as "unfounded and unwarranted".

また、マイケルも "What More Can I Give" のリリース失敗を、×××のせいにしました。 さらに、アフリカ系アメリカ人である、彼は、会社のトップ(Tommy Mottola)が彼のInvincibleアルバムを宣伝せず、人種差別主義で「超〜〜悪魔的」と主張しました。解雇された×××代表者は「無根拠で証明できない」と、それを退けました。


One year after the all-star recording of "What More Can I Give", it was played for the first time on radio. WKTU-FM, a radio station based in New York, debuted the song without permission and played it in heavy rotation.

"What More Can I Give" は、オールスターによる録音から1年後に、初めてラジオでプレーされました。 WKTU-FM(ニューヨークに拠点を置く放送局)は、許可なく、それを、ヘビーローテーションで流しました。

WKTU-FM's Program Director Frankie Blue stated at the time, "This song is a gift to the world.

「この歌は世界への贈り物です」と、当時、WKTU-FMのディレクター、Frankie Blueは述べました。

Michael and everyone donated their time for it, and it deserves to be heard. The song is called "What More Can I Give", and I can give the world a song they can cling onto and hopefully make them think about what they can give."

マイケルと、みんなは、世界のために、彼らの時間を費やしました。それはとても価値のあることです。 "What More Can I Give" と聞かれて、わたしは、彼らの曲が、世界に希望をあたえ、また、それが、何であるかを、考えることができると思います。

It is unknown how the station acquired a copy of the song; both Jackson and Schaffel were uninvolved with it. Prior to the airing, at least 200 promo copies of the song were sent to the musicians who participated in the recording process, as well as to their representatives.

FM局が、どのように歌のコピーを入手したかは謎です。 マイケルとSchaffelは、両方とも、それには無関心でした。

Schaffel stated that he would hate to see the song not being used to raise money for charity, the intended purpose.


WKTU-FM received numerous telephone calls and emails from listeners following their unauthorized playing of the song, thanking the station and asking where they could buy a copy of "What More Can I Give".




☆ABC-News June 26, 2009

Friend Says Michael Jackson Battled Demerol Addiction
Doctors Speculate Jackson Died of Respiratory Failure, But Wonder Why 'Personal Doctor" Could Not Give Antidote


Reports of prescription drug abuse have dogged Michael Jackson for much of his career, and now a close associate has come forward to talk about the late singer's battle with addiction.


Jackson's former video producer said the pop star, who died Thursday at age 50 from cardiac arrest, had a "20-plus year" addiction to the painkiller Demerol, as well as to a cocktail of other drugs, such as Oxycontin.


Jackson became so addicted that the video producer and other close associates tried to stage an intervention in 2003, but it derailed because of a world tour, said Marc Schaffel, who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial.


Jackson even wrote and performed a song about the drug Demerol, called "Morphine," released in 1997. Both drugs are opioids.


"Everybody around him knew about it," Schaffel told ABCNews.com. "He didn't advertise it to the world, but anybody in his inner circle knew."


Schaffel's accusations were backed by a senior law enforcement official who told ABC that Jackson was "heavily addicted" to Demerol and received "daily doses" of Oxycontin.


"I was shocked, but I knew it was only a matter of time that something like this would happen," Schaffel said. "I have said before, that if he continued using drugs at this rate, he'd be dead by the time he was 50."



Schaffel won a $3 million suit against Jackson, claiming the star failed to pay him $800,000 for his work on two television specials, and $2.3 million in payments and loans over a number of years.


The Los Angeles police were told that Jackson received a Demerol injection one hour before his death, according to a senior law enforcement official. Paramedics at the Los Angeles hospital where Jackson died Thursday, according to the British tabloid the Sun, said the star's breathing got "slower and slower until it stopped."


MJ Glassies Collection (3)の、Schaffelの悪行について。のところで紹介した「TAPES SHOW TWO SIDES OF JACKO」の記事なんですが、実際は、Schaffelが、そんな酷いことを言ってるわけではなくて、Schaffel VS. MJを、メディアが面白おかしく対立させていて、またもや、変人MJと言った構図で報道しているのかなって内容で、



Friday, June 30th 2006, 6:52AM

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Two faces of Michael Jackson - hard-nosed businessman and childlike flake - came to light on recordings played yesterday in a $3.8 million breach of contract suit brought by the singer's former video producer.

サンタモニカ、カリフォルニア ー マイケル・ジャクソンの2つの顔(鼻っ柱の強いビジネスマンと無邪気な一面)が、昨日、元ビデオプロデューサーによって起こされた、380万ドルの不履行による契約訴訟で明るみに出ました。

The dueling Jackos - captured on voice mail and videotape - emerged as producer Marc Schaffel's lawyer made his opening statement in Santa Monica Superior Court.


First came a phone message the pop star left for Schaffel. Schaffel lawyer Howard King said it proves the singer "is very well aware of what is going on" with his business affairs.

まず最初は、ジャクソンがSchaffelに残した電話メッセージ。 SchaffelのHoward King弁護士は、ジャクソンが彼のビジネスで起こっていることを非常によく意識していることを立証すると言いました。

"Marc, call [Florida businessman] Al Malnik. I do not want any ifs, ands or buts about releasing 'What More Can I Give' at this point," Jackson says in a falsetto voice laced with ice-cold authority.

「マーク、Al Malnik(フロリダのビジネスマン)を呼んでください。私は“What More Can I Give”をリリースすることに関して、どんな言い訳も欲しいと思いません」ジャクソンは、氷のように冷たい口調の裏声で言います。

"Do it now. Do it now, Okay? Tell Al I want a big deal made out of this. . . . Listen to me musically. This is my department," Jackson says, then hangs up without saying goodbye.

「今、それをしてください。 Okay? 今、そうしてください。 これは、大仕事だと、アルに言ってください . . . 音楽のことは、私の言うことを聞いてください。 これは私の専門なんです」さようならを言わずに、ジャクソンは電話を切ります。

But when Jackson was quizzed at a videotaped deposition on Sept. 23, 2005, his well-known childlike persona appeared.


"Did you ever pay him?" King asks the singer.
"I don't know. I don't know. I'm sure he got money," Jackson says in a tiny confused voice.

「あなたは、今までに、彼に支払いましたか?」 キング弁護士はジャクソンに尋ねます。「私は知りません。わかりません。私は、彼がお金を得たのを確信しています」と、ジャクソンは小さい混乱した声で言います。

"Why are you sure he got money?" King asked.
"Because he seemed to be always happy!" Jackson says with a goofy grin.

「なぜ、あなたは彼がお金を得たと確信しているんですか」 キング弁護士は尋ねました。

「だって、彼はいつも幸せそうに見えた!」 ジャクソンはにやにや笑いで言います。

In his opening statement, Jackson lawyer Thomas Mundell said the entertainer does not owe Schaffel the $3.8 million the producer claims.


He alleged Schaffel cooked the ledgers for Neverland Valley Entertainment, a company he formed for Jackson-related projects.

彼は、Schaffelが、Neverland Valley Entertainmentのための原簿や、ジャクソン関連のプロジェクトのために形成した会社を操作したと申し立てました。(記事引用終了)

「だって、彼はいつも幸せそうに見えた!」← ここ、何回見ても笑えるんですけど♡

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